18,190 Hours

That's how much time the average Minnesota public school student will spend at school from kindergarten through 12th grade.

If you're a Wayzata Public Schools parent like I am, you want District leadership to make sure that every single one of those hours is beneficial to our children's learning and development, and ultimately to our community and world. Those 18,190 hours* should all be focused on growing our young children into capable adults who will graduate from Wayzata High School eager and able to make their contribution to the world, whether it be in the form of full-time work, military service, post-secondary education or volunteering. 


Wayzata Public Schools has some of the best teachers and administrators producing some of the best educational outcomes in the state, if not the nation. Wayzata prides itself on that reputation. It's why many people choose to live here. But we can't take that reputation for granted. 


In an era when countless ideologies and agendas are trying to wedge their way into the classroom (eating up hundreds of precious hours along the way), Wayzata Public Schools must stay focused on Academics First. We must allow our teachers to serve their diverse student populations and encourage the best educational outcomes possible for all students, whether they are high achievers, need extra support or are somewhere in between. 


18,190 hours is an enormous amount of time in our children's lives to entrust to taxpayer-funded public education. I'm running for school board to make sure that Wayzata Public Schools is maximizing each and every one of those hours for the betterment of our students, our community and our nation's future. 

*Up to 18,190 hours, according to National Center for Education Statistics 2020 data (link to report)


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